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Not Intended for Crib Use or Toddlers!
Only for Children Ages 4 and Older!

Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® are a utility item and when attached correctly will be out of sight and invisible to everyone. The elastic is white and the set of clips will be brass or silver based upon availability at time of shipment. The functional utility is the same for all suspenders.

*** You Should Know ***

For every order, one Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® will be given to an orphanage or children’s home in the USA. This is our way of sharing the grace and joy of the success of this product. We are grateful for your support and trust you find this product as beneficial as many others have experienced.

30 night money back guarantee.

Tuckright Blanket Suspenders®conform to manufacture’s quality standards. If not entirely satisfied with the product, a full refund of your purchase price is guaranteed upon return receipt of product at Tuckright LLC within 30 days of purchase.