Tuckright Blanket Suspenders®


Two inch wide, heavy duty, durable, knitted elastic is formed uniquely in a loop allowing clip on blanket to slide with body movement, then stretch during the night providing appropriate blanket looseness.
High quality, utility grade jumbo clips hold snuggly without slipping.
Made exclusively in the USA.

Set of four secures bed covers on bed making them seem to float.
Engineered for Comfort.
Feel the difference a good night’s sleep has,
by purchasing Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® today!

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Tuckright Blanket Suspenders®

Tuck’em in at twilight,
up again at midnight.

Then tuck’em in by nightlite,
hope they stay covered all night.

You’re half asleep but not quite,
wondering if they’re alright.

But now you have the hindsight,
to wish you’d bought the Tuckright®.

For if you’d had that foresight,
your best sleep may be this night.


Engineered for Comfort!

Designed for children ages 4 and older who may be in & out of bed or are wigglers/ rollers/ tossers …. or just comfy snugglers. Also great for elderly grandparents who struggle or strain with their bed covers.

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12 for 3 beds, 8 for 2 beds, 4 for 1 bed


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