Latest & Greatest School Supplies

A School Supply Round-Up from Tuckright!

Generally the public schools are requiring more support from the families for student supplies. However, most schools have moved into the computer age by supplying laptops to each student for their personal use during the school year. This laptop, along with a student’s cell phone, puts a lot of computing power in their hands. Supplies and accessories that augment this computing capability will strengthen your student’s ability to perform in and out of the classroom.

Local WIFI in your house will permit your child to use the laptop anywhere that is comfortable and convenient. The purchase of an inexpensive wireless router connected with your Internet source will provide the basic requirements. Some of the more popular routers are: Apple, Arris, Asus, Belkin, D-Link, Google, Linksys, Motorola, NETGEAR, TP- LINK. These brands have products that range from around $80.00 to $275.00 in price depending on features and capabilities, and can be found at local retailers like Best Buy or online at Amazon.


Many students enjoy sitting in bed and working on computer projects. It is comfortable because it is essentially their own space where they can be relaxed and perhaps do their best work. To keep those expensive bedcovers looking good and not all bunched up while they work, it is helpful to utilize Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® on their bedcovers. These are designed to keep kids covered at night but also function to keep the bed looking good all day. Check’em out at


All students differ in their ability to perceive a written project when it is strictly on line. Inexpensive Ink Jet printers are an asset for the students to be able to view completed documents in their final form. These printers use a cartridge ink supply that is easily replaceable and relatively inexpensive. The printer’s prices start around $100.00 and increase, again based on features and function. Popular brands are: Brother, Epson, HP. Again, these can be purchased at local retailers like Best Buy or online at Amazon.

To make the printing task much easier is to incorporate a mobile printing APP on mobile devices. These are easy to use and will handle any size document. They minimize the technical connection requirements making the entire process simple. Here are a few well known suppliers:

and a few others have powerful printing APP solutions that can be considered.


A “Hard Drive” is a data storage device on computers.   An external hard drive is a hard drive which you can unplug and take it wherever you want. It connects via a USB cable to a USB port in the computer. It holds a much greater amount of data than a typical USB Flash or Thumb Drive. These storage devices are a nice addition to your student’s electronic tools as they will hold all their projects for an indefinite amount of time. These range in capacity from a few Gigabytes to several Terabytes. The prices start around $50.00 and scale upward to several hundred. The selection is broad as there are many brands on the market. Once again, check out the popular suppliers like Best Buy  or on line at Amazon.

When you provide these tools to your student, be they lower elementary, middle school or high, the results will be encouraging. They’ll know you care about providing them with the latest and greatest support to eliminate any restrictions and you are engaging in their technology world. The younger students today are cutting their teeth on this technology and will need to have these types of items to stay ahead of increasing demands placed on them every year.

What school supply can your student NOT live without? Share with us in the comments below!