Managed Lifestyle is Key to Back to School Regimens



The humdrum back to school regimen for the family usually means mom has her to do’s and the kids have theirs. Meal planning, keeping up with the wash and driving the munchkins to wherever and everywhere too is mom’s routine now. The kids have a routine for extra-curricular time, homework time, chores time and of course a regular bed time. But the real regimen needed is the one that controls lifestyle. The old sayings just do not apply; such as clean plate, don’t stay up late, sleep for eight and early to awake! Today it is well known that each person’s life style needs to be managed uniquely.

Are you a “morning person?” Some moms are at their prime early in the morning, others later at night. Everybody has their favorite time of the day where they feel the best and are the most productive. Same goes for the kids. The key is to understand each family member’s time of day “sweet spot” where they are the most alert and function the best.

  1. If a child likes to stay up late, then let them, but be certain they are using it productively.
  2. The same is true with the morning child. Perhaps that one will awaken at 5 AM or so to do their homework and feel really good about it.
  3. These differing life styles need to be understood and encouraged to maximize each child’s potential.

Also, using a product like Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® on each child’s bed will assist them in getting a good night’s sleep without your need to check on them, and the beds will look nice all day after the kids awaken refreshed.


Eat right to stay bright! Eating the wrong foods at the wrong time of day is absolute disaster for school children. Too many carbs in the morning makes kids sleepy at school. Too much sugar at night keeps kids awake. And further, the popular fast food Super Sizing is only supersizing the kid’s bodies. Eating the right foods in the proper portions is the key to staying alert during the day. Too much of the right stuff will do as much harm as a portion of the wrong stuff and make it difficult to stay awake even after lunch. The old balanced meal idea is still correct and each person’s metabolism spells out a differing portion size. Meals should include enough carbs for energy, but more protein for stamina, and greatly reduced sugar. Eating right will keep’em bright and attentive all day.

Attitude means more than aptitude. A lifestyle having a positive outlook on everything is more effective than one may think at first.

  1. Maintaining a regimen of managing yourself and controlling your mind to be happy about life, even though circumstances may not the best at the present time, is a key to enjoying the journey through child rearing.
  2. And, every child has a subject, or teacher or other issue they are confronted by as they are maturing. Teaching them to manage their lives in a positive manner will help them get through any aptitude issues that may be challenging them.
  3. Life is short but the kids don’t see that way yet. Each issue can become a crisis in their minds and your help to get them through it is crucial.
How does your lifestyle impact your back to school regimen? Share with us in the comments below!