Survival Tips For The Back To School Daze

Routine Items To Help Get Back To School Daily

You shopped and shopped and finally purchased the perfect backpack, ideal lunch box and of course the “in” clothing all necessary for that first day of school. Now school has begun and everyone is back in the classroom and you have a whole new set of issues challenging you. These are the day to day chaotic demands of each family member to achieve their own objectives. But, so often, Mom, you are the hub of this wheel and may find yourself in a daze just going around in circles.  

Survival of the fittest is the Darwin theory taught in school. It’s about how better adapted animals contribute more to the species gene pool!  But, survival of the fittest also certainly applies to your home life adaptation as you contribute to the family. Here are some ideas for your survival that will assist you in adapting to the strains of daily life with an active family.


Night Time Routine

  1. Plan for breakfast by checking the food supplies and have alternatives available when supplies run low.
  2. Backpacks should be loaded with the needed items by all the children.
  3. Each child’s clothes should be set out at night for the next day. This is a good way to teach discipline and responsibility as they should each learn to do this on their own.
  4. Stagger each child’s alarm setting to different times to minimize contention for the bathroom in the morning.
  5. Use Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® on each child’s bed to minimize your efforts with tucking them in, re-covering them at night, and for the bed to look nice all day after the kids awaken refreshed.

School Daze Night Time Routine Checklist

Tired of fighting the kids every night? Make bedtime fun and rewarding by downloading our nighttime routine checklist!
Hang our checklist on the fridge and let your kids check off items as they complete them. It’s an easy and interactive solution towards a better night’s sleep!

Pro Tip: Laminate after printing and use a dry erase marker to create a reusable checklist! 


Morning Routine

  1. Set priorities on all resources like the bathroom, kitchen toaster, hair dryers etc.
  2. Review each child’s plans and schedule for the day to assure all needs will be met.
  3. Have a routine, be organized and communicate among all members of the family regarding their individual necessities.
  4. Have all shoes, boots and coats in a central location. Maintain winter gloves in a box or drawer close by so everyone can get out on time.
  5. Be sure to send everyone out the door with love.


Longer Term Routines

  1. Maintain a master calendar displayed in a location for all to see, such as the front of the refrigerator door. Post events to this calendar at the time you are first aware of the occasion.
  2. Plan the week’s lunches for each child with appropriate funding or the right lunch box items. Buy ahead in bulk so you have adequate supplies.
  3. Weekends are for clothes washing, food purchasing, and bigger homework projects.
  4. Make lists of “to do” items and assign responsibilities with due dates, then check them off as they are accomplished.


Before it is all said and done, because that never happens, make time for yourself. You must allocate personal time to accomplish those things that are a priority in your own life. Exercise is a key ingredient to survival during these critical years with children at home. Working moms need to carve out a niche of time each day to restore their own sanity and maintain good health.

Mom, tell us what must have makes your morning, night or daily routine go off without a hitch? Share in the comments below!