The Changing Season of Autumn

Essentials items to maintain during a season of change.

It may be autumn, but young mothers are enjoying the springtime of their lives with all newness around them. Many have young children sprouting up with new adventures all the time. It’s a new school year with new teachers, topics and some teams. Younger moms generally get caught up in fall essentials of material things like fall fashions and their wardrobe, home decorating, gifts for the upcoming holidays and succulent menus. There are also the demands for kids clothing and other essentials. It is a busy time of life.

Fall is a time of beautiful natural colors and fresh, cooler air. There are clear night skies and a traditional harvest moon. The brilliant colors and time of harvest is a result of things in nature all dying. So it is with all of life. Older people too, are sometimes categorized as being in the autumn of their years. These seasoned citizens now have time to select what they choose to be essentials in their life like assembling photos of memorable times past.  It is a slower time of life.

This is a complete dichotomy for these individuals at each end of this spectrum. However, there are a number of common essentials that each enjoys. No matter what age it is import to never lose track of, and be grateful for, the things around us that bring us inner peace and joy. Abraham Lincoln said life is like a ribbon, you can tie it in knots or you can tie it in bows.

First, it is essential in the autumn of the year to maintain good physical and mental health. Without good health nothing has value. This is the foremost condition in life that needs to be protected at all expense. The stressful lifestyle of the young parents is as debilitating as the natural loss of hearing, eyesight or balance for older people. Keeping up our physical health with proper exercise and appropriate diet is a key to long term vitality. Maintaining mental health is just as important by managing stress, adapting to our changing circumstances in life, and having a positive outlook on all aspects of our daily routines and encounters.


Second, it is essential to allocate time, not just for the obligations and projects in your life, but also the people in your life. Time is the most perishable commodity in life. Once passed, time can never be regained. It is just time together that is valued most by children and by older individuals like grandparents. But, this is the one thing that is in constant short supply for young parents. Many young mothers would just like to find time to be alone and accomplish what they’d like to do for a while. There is an old saying that indicates we make time for the things we feel are important. Everyone can allocate time to important matters and important people if they put their mind to it and manage their time effectively.


Third, contact with old friends is a subtle but meaningful endeavor. Not just Facebook comments and photos, but actually meeting together to share life experiences.  Laughing with old friends and enjoying each other’s company is a vigorous way to restore and maintain the bond that makes people feel close and valued throughout life.


And last, having accomplished all the above, it is essential to rest. There is no substitute for proper rest. It is essential for all people, young and old. Most importantly, having children on a schedule to attain thorough rest each night will free up mom to find that restful time she needs each day. To help accomplish this, each child’s bed should have Tuckright Blanket Suspenders®  to keep the kids covered. This will avoid the need for mom to keep checking on the child to see if they are covered, and will reduce her effort for bed making each morning.

As the season continues to change, what’s one essential you plan to maintain? Share with us in the comments below!