Children's Bedrooms Should Be Magic Lands

A Place Of Pride And Comfort
Of all the area in your house, your children’s bedroom should be their own space. They own nothing, but should feel as though their bedroom is their personal sanctuary. It should be first a place for relaxation and comfort, and second, the receptacle for all their very personal items of interest.

Private, KEEP OUT!

Children love to play under a big blanket draped over a couple of chairs on a rainy day. Or, in a big box that is a make-believe fort or the proverbial playhouse in the back yard. These hideaways are simply personal space that is clearly their own for the moment. This sense of ownership is the environment needed to be created in their bedroom for their daily contentment and self-esteem. It builds confidence and reassurance of the importance of their place in the family and in life.

Once this atmosphere is established with your child, the same room should never be used as a place for punishment. A “time out” or punishment area should be an exclusive area designated as the place to go that is isolated from everyone else in the family. That could be the laundry room, the furnace room, the back hall or stairs. It should not be a place of comfort or necessarily enjoyable to be in for a length of time. Remember, the objective of the isolation punishment is for the child to reflect on what they have done.


Place of Personal Pride

  • This bedroom oasis needs to be well organized and cleaned up on a daily basis.
  • The organization can be accomplished with inexpensive wall shelves and a small table and chair.
  • The use of large plastic bins can hold the personal treasures and under the bed is the place to store many items.
  • Essentially, the old adage of a place of everything and everything in its place is the simple approach. If that is not achievable, then some of their “stuff” needs to be discarded!
  • It is impossible for a child to clean up their room if they have an overabundance of toys. Too many stuffed animals or an excess of Legos without a proper storage space is a recipe for a constantly messy room.

Further, your child’s bedroom retreat should be decorated in soothing, calm colors. These will help them to be relaxed and quieted. Here you can accomplish that restful feeling you want your child to have each day. Choose wall colors, bed spreads and accessory colors that are muted. Use blues, greens and pastels that blend together forming that peaceful refuge you want to create.


Made Bed is the Genesis of a Clean Room

In the military, from the privates to the generals, a daily made bed is required for not only personal hygiene and cleanliness, but more importantly for establishing personal discipline. Same is true for children. A made bed is truly the genesis of a clean room. When children make their bed each morning they will view their room totally differently. The sense of pride of ownership of their bedroom space is reinforced when the bed is looking good all day.

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Some have special rules, other choose to change up the rooms decor. How do you keep your children’s room a magic land? Share with us in the comments below!

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