Fun Fall Family Activities

Fun For The Whole Family This Autumn
Autumn is a wonderful time of the year for family activities before everyone becomes preoccupied with the holidays. Wherever you live and whatever budget you are on, there are a number of inexpensive yet fun things to do together that require little preparation. Here are a few ways for each person to relax and focus on fun events beyond their daily routines.

Take a family hike in local state park.

It is great to get outside and enjoy nature. Hiking and sightseeing is an easy way to get the kids away from their friends for some one on one quality time. It is always surprising what the children like to talk about when they are away from the normal environment in a new situation. They can even use their cell phone compass feature so they don’t miss their devices.


Invite other families having children similar ages as yours to carve pumpkins.

Load up on some various sized pumpkins, buy a few inexpensive candles and waa-laa, you’ve got an inexpensive party theme. Invite a couple of families over, you’d like to get to know better, and you’ve a casual environment for some new friend building. Have your event on a weekend afternoon for a couple of hours and serve ice cream after the carving is completed. PS, give me a call. Sounds like fun. I’d like to come too!


Take a drive to a local area of your state you do not frequent.

Drive out to look at things unfamiliar to you in areas that may be different from where you live. The purpose is to relax. It is relaxing to your eyes to look distances when all week everyone has spent a lot of time viewing electronic screens. It is relaxing to your body to see new shapes and colors, to hear different sounds and perhaps smell new odors. Exposing yourself to change and things that are not customary is a healthy activity.


Take your family to a fried chicken restaurant.

Have an old fashion chicken dinner on a Sunday evening. Following dinner, have exclusive family time for the remainder of the evening. Then, have the kids hit the hay early for a peaceful wind down before going to bed. To make their night even more restful, use Tuckright Blanket Suspenders®  on their beds to assure they will stay covered all night. Less work for Mom, using Tuckright Blanket Suspenders®  “Keeps my kids covered all night and the bed easier for them to make in the morning.”

Take some crazy photos of each family member.

Have the pictures printed and post them somewhere that is visible like the refrigerator door. The kids like to see happy photos of their own family, especially Mom and Dad goofing off. You’ll be surprised at the reaction from the children when they see Mom and Dad out of normal character displaying a totally different personality than they are accustom to seeing.


Fifty more Fun Fall Family Activities.

Here’s a great list categorized by Outdoors, Nostalgic, Eat & Drink, Holiday and Just Because. These are all a bit more traditional and will vary based on your area of the country.

What’s your favorite fall family activity? Share with us in the comments below!

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