Happy Holiday Health Hints



The song says. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” And, that’s true when you manage your time accordingly. It’s a time of festivity with family & friends. It’s a time of giving as you reflect on the bountiful year that is coming to a close. But, it can also morph into a time of despair and depression for people who are lonely. Or, it is a time of anxiety if stress is not managed. People who step up to these challenges and address them before there is an issue in their life are the ones who have happy holiday health. Here are some suggestions for keeping the holidays healthy for you and your family.

Give Love.

The greatest gift you can give to anyone is to simply love them where they are in life. A lot is asked of moms this time of year and maintaining an attitude of love about every request or demand on your time will keep it all in proper perspective.


Play Music.

Turn on the radio or cell phone or even the TV channel that has continuous music. Play soft music some days and seasonal music other days. Having this in the background will help all family members be more relaxed and remain positive about their daily activities.


Avoid Toxic People.

Whether it is a family gathering that includes the aunt you can’t stand, or a local party with an acquaintance that bugs you, there will be people around who are an annoyance. Simply avoid these people with a polite hello and keep moving on to talk with others. Don’t allow yourself to be subjected to a negative encounter.


Have Family Time with Laughter.

Allocate time amidst the hectic holidays and just be with the family. Do something that everyone will enjoy and be able to communicate among one another. You can play cards, or an old fashion board game, or watch a comedy movie etc. The key is to be together and to get the good endorphins active through laughter.


Eat Balanced with Portion Control.

The holiday parties serve all the fattening but best tasting food of the year. So, go ahead and enjoy it. The key is to enjoy the taste without eating too much. Limit the amount you consume and you’ll be ok. Then at meal time, eat the balanced diet items of vegetables and protein.


Exercise and Get Outside.

Go for a walk outside to get some fresh air. Walk with a family member or a friend. You’ll be building your relationship, getting needed exercise and breathing fresh air. This is a win win for your physical and mental health.



You’ll be burning a lot of extra calories with the food you’re eating and the pace you’re keeping during the holiday season. Therefore, proper rest is imperative for restoring your body in order to maintain good health. And to assist you, utilize Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® on your children’s beds. These Blanket Suspenders® keep the bedcovers on all night so you do not need to check on recovering the kids and they have the bed looking good in the morning, almost already made.  www.tuckright.com are mom’s delight, “keeping my kids covered all night.”


Reach out to Someone Alone.

Now contact someone you may know is alone during the holiday. Give them a call or better yet, go visit them. This will assure them they are loved and cared about.

Remember to do everything in moderation. If each family member can maintain a balance in all they do, the holidays will be a time to remember with great joy.


Happy Holiday Health.

For 12 more ways to have a healthy holiday season, click here

How do you have a healthy holiday season? Share with us in the comments below!

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