Holiday Season Preparation

Tips To Help With Holiday Prep!

It’s the holiday’s season. What a wonderful time of the year. Well, for the kids and Dad perhaps. But, for Mom, well, maybe not so much. Many moms find themselves a bit overwhelmed, experiencing some stress and anxiety regarding all they have to do and the expenses involved. There are ways to avoid this dilemma.

Three things are at work here.

First, stress is self-inflicted pain that generally results from lack of organization and planning. Therefore, we need to get organized for the season and implement a plan to accomplish all that is involved. Second, anxiety is fear of the unknown that can be addressed by pulling together all the information necessary to make all the needed decisions. And last, the prior two issues stem also from the need to allocate your time and money for this short window of the calendar when so much is happening.

Get organized to be a winner and overcome these hurdles.

Establish a master calendar for the entire family through the end of the year. Find out when everything will be happening. Discuss with the family what are priorities and make decisions early regarding which activities each person will participate in.


Teach the family how to say No.

Just say no to the lower priority opportunities. This will protect your family from false anticipation. You sometimes just can’t do everything. This will resolve conflicts early and set expectations with each individual member of the family. That includes determining driving requirements for the kids.

Now, you can get the sitters lined up early, and get that off your mind too.


Block out time.

Allocate time on your master calendar to enjoy the family. Set aside time to do some fun family activities that will contribute to making memories. Baking cookies, decorating the tree, setting up decorations and other tasks are simple things everyone can enjoy. Then comfort the children at bedtime with a Christmas story. When you plan ahead using Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® on the children’s beds, these will reduce your work by keeping them covered all night and the bed easy for them to make in the morning. Moms delight using Tuckright®; “keep my kids covered all night!”

Also, take the time to keep the season holy with your faith. Carry on traditions and meaningful customs so they are enjoyed and passed on to the next generation.


Allocate time and money for yourself.

There are always tremendous deals during the holidays. So plan some shopping trips or on-line surfing to take advantage of the opportunities. Begin soliciting gift ideas from not just your children, but everyone on your list. If it is a neighbor, friend, fellow worker or relative, ask the people closest to them for gift ideas. This is always a good policy for knowing their interests that will help fill the void of ideas for you.


Easier entertaining during holiday season

Try entertaining family and friends with an old fashion pot luck dinner? During this season of giving, it allows everyone to participate and be recognized for their contribution. Furthermore, a festive buffet dinner is easier on you and allows everyone to mingle more creating that memorable time. Look out, it may be requested for a repeat next year!

And, when you have to travel during the holidays, leave early. Give your destination people a heads up regarding when you expect to arrive, and inform them of any delays along the way so you can enjoy the trip.

Taking the stress and anxiety out of the holidays is a challenge but can be accomplished. It is something we must all work on so our presence is a joy to everyone around us.


Additional holiday season tips.

Here are some additional ideas for holiday preparations categorized as: Conserve while Cooking, Decorating Tips, Traveling and Receiving Guests, Winterizing Your Home and Gift Giving. 

How do you prepare for the holidays? Share with us in the comments below!

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