Practical Tips For Halloween



It was called “Beggar’s Night” when I was a kid. It was Halloween and we went trick or treating to get as much candy as we could. The goal is still the same for the munchkins today and the strategy remains similar. The entire event, beginning at school and carrying through into the early evening, was just a complete joy. Here are a few ideas to consider that may contribute to making everyone’s experience a total delight.

The costume.

Kids sometimes have trouble deciding what to wear for their costume each year. So, why not have them select two different outfits or costumes. They could have one for school and the other for trick or treating in the evening. Why do this? Well, often the kids want something elaborate for school that is a total disguise so their friends won’t know who it is. Often these disguises can be rather bulky and perhaps cumbersome. It may be fine for the school parade through the halls. But outside, it is not practical. For the trick or treating at night, they need clothing they can move in, even run. A costume that is more functional is in order for the actual trick or treating venture. So, consider something that will work around a pair of sneakers, pants, top and a mask. That’s all they really need and they’re off seeking the mounds of candy they’ve been dreaming about.

The container.

Great success getting lots of candy can mean problems. The container used to collect it in gets heavy and can often break, come apart or rip. Therefore, to avoid this, use two separate containers. The parent who takes them out keeps one and has the kids dump their candy into it periodically. This way theirs won’t get heavy and it also gives you a chance to examine the candy they’ve received. Another tip, throw out any items that are unwrapped just for precautionary safety measures. Now for the older kids who are out running on their own, have them take an extra plastic bag in their pocket. When their container, often a pillow case, starts getting heavy, they can dump it into the plastic bag and secretly stash the bag in the bushes somewhere they can return to and pick up at the end of the evening.

The trick or treat neighborhood.

Your own community is best for trick or treating as it is something you are familiar with and therefore, generally safe. It is best for maximizing the candy in-take to go to houses that are relatively close together and close to the street. This of course minimizes their unproductive transition time between handouts. When the kids find a house that is giving out an abundance of candy, they should not be hesitant to return to it a second time a little later.

The candy haul.

How much fun it is to go home at the end of the trick or treating and dump the candy out on the floor to see what’s there. This is another photo op time that should not be forgotten. The glow on the kid’s faces seeing all they have acquired is sometimes priceless. They sort it out and fondle every piece. Then if there are siblings, the trading begins. This excitement might continue until bedtime when the kids finally drop from exhaustion. Many wise moms are using Tuckright Blanket Suspenders®  on their children’s beds to keep the kids covered all night which helps them get a good, restful night’s sleep. And, there’s less work for Mom, using Tuckright® “Keeps my kids covered all night, and the bed easy to make in the morning.”

The candy consumption.

But wait! This candy stuff is all sugar and not really the best health food. And furthermore, it really isn’t one of the seven food groups after all. How the feasting should be done to cause the least harm to their growing bodies is the concern. Well, one way, if they have the personal discipline, is to dole the candy out to themselves over a long period of time to enjoy it longer. But, the problem with this is that is bad for their teeth since they most likely won’t be brushing after eating some in their room every night. Perhaps the better remedy is to just allow them to have their feeding frenzy and then it’s gone! It will flush through their system rapidly this way and be gone. If there is any indigestion, well, it’s minor and only temporary.

What’s your trick or treating secret to a successful Halloween night? Share with us in the comments below!

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