Mom’s Delight Using Tuckright®

How Tuckright® Can Help During The Holidays

Bedtime is a sacred time. Whether you are comforting the children at their bedtime or flopping into bed yourself at the end of the day, it is a time for moms to delight in peacefulness and relaxation. This personal refuge must be protected as it is the only way for our physical bodies to rejuvenate and get restored each night. A good night’s rest for the children is as important as good nutrition is each day for their bodies to function at peak performance. Read “Why Is Sleep Important?” 

Unstable Situation

However, their bed is an uncontrolled environment. Think about it. During the day they have control over what, when and how much they eat. They have control over what they wear and are able to keep their clothing proper during the day. They have control over their physical environment and are able to keep things decent and in order.

But at night, they are asleep and totally unaware of what is happening with the uncontrolled bedcovers. When they roll and turn over, or especially if they restlessly toss and turn, the uncontrolled bedcovers will move around and generally the child becomes uncovered. Let’s face it, tucking them in really does not work that well. They are either tucked in too tight becoming uncomfortable, or too hot, or tucked too lose and the bedding gets pushed around and they eventually become uncovered.


Moms Delight Achieving Control

When we dress we use pins, belts, ties, straps, buckles etc. to keep clothing and hair in place. In the house we use door stops, curtain tie-backs, rubber mats, racks, etc. to keep things in place. But, the children’s bed is a neglected area that has been disregarded and not addressed until now. Today, there is a product that tackles uncontrolled bedcovers and solves the age old problem of uncovered kids at night while everyone else in the household is asleep.

Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® keep kids covered all night and the bed practically already made when they crawl out in the morning. This contributes to the well-being of the family. The kids are more rested, stay warmer all night and parents are not concerned or bothered about having to recover their children at night. Then, in the morning, the bed is so easy to make, the children can do it themselves and this renders life easier for mom.

These are also ideal to use for calm, comfy snugglers. Nestling into bed with a teddy bear and maybe the remnants of a favorite old blankie is enhanced from the warmth provided by the bedcovers remaining in place. Now cuddling up to the smell of the beloved pillow makes all the issues in a child’s life disappear and Mr. Sandman can easily take over with the job at hand.


Sweetest Times

During this holiday season everyone wants there to be great joy throughout the household. It is a wonderful time for parents and grandparents to be available to comfort the children at bedtime. It may be the finest time for intimate talk and resolution of all the worldly problems children tend to muster. Covering the kids, reading to them, praying with them and talking about their issues at bedtime are not only timely and important, but it creates a memory for them and for the parents.


Mom’s Delight

Unfortunately, this pristine time can turn into a nightmare for busy moms if their child is in and out of bed following the initial turn in. Mom is required to drop what she is doing and attend to the children’s needs redoing all the tuck-in effort that was done so perfectly the first time. But, this situation is averted with the use of the Tuckright® product. Harmony is sustained and peacefulness prevails in the home to mom’s delight.

Concern for the children’s welfare is natural behavior by parents. The caring nature of parents and grandparents is to oversee the children in all situations. Children are cared for throughout the day, but left to their own at night with uncontrolled bedcovers. This holiday season is an ideal time to address this void and acquire Tuckright Blanket Suspenders® for each of the children’s beds.

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